Image placeholders for banner ads testing

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One of the things that we do here at qa on request is ad testing. Part of this work involves a visual check where we ensure that a variety of banner ads display properly in websites and mobile apps.

We used to resort to adorable cat pictures as placeholder images, but eventually reached a point where we felt that we needed to use something slightly more… professional.

For that reason, we’ve created a set of placeholder images in different file formats based on the most commonly used banner ad sizes. We’re happy to share them with our developer friends who occasionally need placeholder images for their tests.

Placeholder images for the following banner ad sizes are included in the set:

Half page ad (300 x 600 px)
Leaderboard (728 x 90 px)
Medium rectangle (300 x 250 px)
Skyscraper (120 x 600 px)
Wide skyscraper (160 x 600 px)

In 5 formats: PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, and TIF.
I’ve also included a sixth file, an additional PNG file with transparency, identified by the text “w transparency” in the name.

On each image, the name size and file format are clearly indicated, as such:

placeholder image leaderboard banner

Maybe at some point we’ll do a series with cats again.

In the meantime, you can download our “professional” set of image placeholders for banner ads testing here.