Our free bug tracker, Lean Testing

Lean Testing is a robust yet simple free bug tracker.


Bug trackers have become overly complex.

Most bug trackers contain tons of unused features and distract their users from the most important aspect: making bug reporting and bug tracking easy.

So we built our own bug tracker. It’s free for anyone to use and it’s really great.

We call it Lean Testing.

Lean Testing makes reporting bugs easy with its browser extensions and iOS in-app reporting SDK.

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    Fast & easy bug reporting

    With our browser extension, you can take screenshots, annotate them, and report bugs without leaving the page you're on.

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    Healthy reporting practices

    Accelerate your testers’ work with standardized and complete bug reports. Enable your developers to understand defects instantly.

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    Timely notifications

    Your team members are immediately notified by email or Slack about comments and updates related to their tasks.

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    Intuitive interface

    Lean Testing was designed to be friendly and easy-to-use. No unnecessary information, no useless features. Just the basics.

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    Useful project status charts

    Get clear figures regarding the number of bugs reported, their severity and how close you are to completion.

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    Easy permission management

    Invite internal and external team members to take part in your testing process. Manage their permissions and assign tasks based on roles. It's easy and fast.

Get Lean Testing for your team for free!