Good practices

Test estimation in software testing

Test estimation in software testing is a sensitive issue. On the one hand, stakeholders want/need to know how much time, effort and resources will be required to plan their software projects. Many thought leaders in the software testing industry will eloquently argue that test estimation is 1) impossible, and 2) a bad idea. Leaving that […]

The true cost of bugs

Although software bugs are a constant in a developer’s work life, it is difficult to precisely measure and quantify their financial impact on companies. We all know that bugs are bad and they have a negative impact on the user experience, but how costly are those bugs exactly? We’ve compiled a few interesting figures in […]

Image placeholders for banner ads testing

One of the things that we do here at qa on request is ad testing. Part of this work involves a visual check¬†where we ensure that a variety of banner ads display properly in websites and mobile apps. We used to resort to adorable cat pictures as placeholder images, but eventually¬†reached a point where we […]