10 Commandments of mobile app testing

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Mobile app testing is very different from testing other types of software products and there’s a lot to keep in mind.

We put together these 10 commandments of things to keep in mind on an every day basis when testing mobile apps.

Thou shalt start your day with regression
Thou shalt follow regression with making a plan – what sections of the app will you be testing?
Thou shalt constantly update the project’s test plan with new information
Thou shalt switch the primary device used for testing at least every half day
Thou shalt test on a diversified set of devices – OS version, screen size, manufacturer
Thou shalt conduct interrupt tests daily
Thou shalt spend at least 25% of your time in landscape
Thou shalt spend some time in 3G at least a few times a week
Thou shalt investigate related products/accounts with which the app synchronizes
Thou shalt not be afraid to make suggestions to improve the user’s experience
*bonus* Thou shalt always include a crash log, especially if there are no clear steps to reproduce a crash