Open device lab in Montreal

Fragmentation is mobile developers' biggest challenge.

We’re not going to save your developers from the occasional bug, but we can help you solve them.

What is an Open Device Lab?

An Open Device lab is a location where mobile developers can test their websites and applications on a variety of internet connected devices.

Sometimes remote debugging on a virtual device just won’t cut it. You need access to a physical device. But who can afford to buy every single mobile device on the market?

As fierce advocates of the importance of app quality, we are happy to share our pool of devices with our community’s mobile developers.

Do you rent mobile devices?

We do not rent mobile devices. You are welcome to come to our office to use the ones we have available. We’ll find you a quiet spot in one of our conference rooms and even treat you to a coffee or bottle of water.

You will find a list of our available devices here.

We’re open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, and we prefer if you write ahead so we can greet you properly.

Let us know if you’re coming over!

For more information about the Open Device Lab movement, visit the official website.

We are in the beautiful Montreal.

4255 Wellington
Suite 200
Montreal, Quebec
H4G 1V9

+1 (514) 802-8198