Desktop software testing services

What is desktop software testing?

Desktop software testing consists of making sure that a given software running on desktop works as expected and doesn’t contain any functional issues, visual issues, textual issues, inconsistencies, etc… Performed manually, these tests are usually done using a test plan that was previously created by a team of testers or a product specialist. Using this document ensures that every function and feature of the software is tested properly.

Why should you perform desktop software testing?

Everybody probably experienced bugs in a desktop software at least once in their life. It is extremely frustrating. The reason why performing these tests is so important is to prevent such deceptions for your users. If the user experience is optimal, chances are you’ll increase your customers’ loyalty and in the end, this means more money for your company.

Another good reason to perform desktop software testing is that there are a lot of different setups out there. Users have different screens, different PCs, different operating systems, etc… With all these possible combinations come various potential problems. Of course, if your developer works on an Acer PC on Windows 10.1 with a screen resolution of 2560 X 1440, the chances of finding a bug on this specific setup are greatly diminished. But nothing guarantees that the same software will work as expected on a MacBook running OS X 10.6 with a screen resolution of 1280 × 800. This is why it’s important to test the same product on various platforms. To ensure that every user, independently of the system he or she is using, will have a consistent and optimal experience.

Finally, any software for desktop is complex and even the best company will go through precarious times during the development process. Even when the product is technically finished, some areas will always remain “at risk”; areas of the software requiring a lot of resources usage, edge case scenarios, abnormal usage of the software, etc…. These are all elements that should be carefully looked at and taken into consideration when testing begins. Basically, testing allows to dig deeper into scenarios that might have been omitted during the development.

How can we help?

Buying multiple computers can be very costly. We know, we buy a lot every year. But that allows us to offer a wide variety of computers, screen resolutions, operating systems, etc…. We do not believe in virtual machines. We’ve experienced invalid bugs on such setups and we feel it’s always safer to test on real life setups. That way, we reproduce the real life experience and can therefore find real life issues generated by such usage.

Furthermore, our team of experienced testers has seen their share of software in their life, so they know where to search for issues. They know what represents a risky area and they know how to test the limits of a given product. More importantly, they like what they do and it’s with passion that they start their bug hunt on every project sent their way. Give us a call and we’ll discuss with you the best strategy to use to test your desktop software!