iOS application testing services

How do we perform iOS application testing?

iOS application testing consists of making sure that every feature, function, section, visual element, etc… behaves the way it should. Performed manually, these tests rely on the documentation provided to our testing team and on the instructions we receive from the developers. Testers make sure to explore all areas of the application to ensure optimal coverage.

Why should you perform testing for your iOS application?

While testing a product, whether it is on an iOS application or on a website, the principle stays the same. A testing team’s main objective is to ensure that no major issues remain in a product. The logic behind the tests remains the same, but a lot of specificities exist depending on which platform the product is tested on.

iOS applications benefit from a more stable environment when it comes to mobile products. Since the variety of devices is considerably smaller than on Android, it becomes easier to ensure adequate coverage on all of them. Furthermore, compatibility issues (problems that are device specific) are rarer since the operating system is not open source. While this particularity prevents access to certain areas and functions of the device, it also guarantees a consistency that facilitates the development for multiple devices at once. Since Android is open source, every individual device has the potential to be a little different. This makes testing considerably harder, since every case is unique. This problem doesn’t exist on iOS.

That said, there are still a lot of things to verify when testing iOS applications. Some of them are common on all mobile devices (such as phone call interrupts, text message interrupts, calendar events, etc…), but some of them are also specific to iOS. Siri, for example, is unique to iOS devices and often generates abnormal behaviors for applications that didn’t take it into consideration. Another good example is plugging and unplugging headphones in applications with audio or video playing. While it may sound weird to some extent, doing this often generated issues for us in the past. There are a lot more things to consider when testing iOS applications, all of them causing various problems that could affect the overall user experience.

In conclusion, one cannot underestimate the importance of thoroughly testing an iOS application. Tons of different scenarios can occur, and it is the developer’s responsibility to make sure that all of them are taken into account. Your customers deserve it.

How can we help?

Our team is composed of experienced testers who have over 10 years of experience testing mobile applications. They tested every imaginable iOS device, from the very first iPhone to the latest iPad. They know about the vulnerable areas of most iOS applications and they take great pride in making sure a project is bug free. Furthermore, we own each and every device that was released by Apple.

By maintaining a wide variety of devices and iOS versions in the office, we make sure to test every possible real life scenario when testing your application.

Just give us a call, and we’ll discuss with you the best strategy to use to test your iOS application.