Localization testing services

What is localization testing?

Localization testing consists of making sure that all texts of a given product were successfully adapted to specific foreign languages and cultures. Performing these tests helps ensuring that no spelling mistakes, grammar errors or cultural problems remain in the texts of a software product.

Why is localization testing important?

Localization testing is extremely important. In any product, whether it is a mobile application, a web site or a desktop software, texts need to be read for the user to understand what is going on. While most users around the globe will understand English, they will obviously understand a lot better if the product uses their own first language.

More importantly, having localized translations reinforces the feeling of respect that the users have towards your company. When users realize that a company not only invested money to translate the texts of a product they are using in their language, but also invested the time and effort to make this translation optimal for their specific region by testing them, they appreciate even more the product they are using. This is the type of action that improves customers’ loyalty over time, as they feel your company cares about their satisfaction.

There are many different countries on earth, all of them speaking many different languages. Sometimes, the same language will use different terms from a country to another. This is another reason why localization testing is so important. When doing a large quantity of translations, for products with a large amount of texts, it is imperative to verify every single string, in order to make sure that the text fits the targeted region’s specificities, to make sure that the spelling is accurate, that the texts fit the screen, etc…. For example, the word “Color” can also be spelled “Colour” in english. While “Color” is the most popular spelling for that word in the United States of America, “Colour” is preferred in Australia. Testing such details helps making sure the overall user experience is optimal.

How can we help?

Over the years, we developed a tool called www.crowdsourcedtesting.com. This platform has allowed us to engage with thousands of professional testers from all over the globe who are willing to participate in localization tests. There is no one better suited to determine whether your text is appropriate for a particular region of the world than someone who is from that target market. With results usually obtained within 72 hours, this method represents a cheap and quick alternative to provide the best localized translation possible.

We also have a team of internal testers proficient in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Ukrainian who supervise the whole process, to make sure that all the bugs you receive are of triple A quality. Just give us a call and we’ll get everything ready with you!