Mobile application testing services

What is mobile application testing?

Mobile application testing consists of testing a mobile application on a wide variety of handheld devices and tablets in order to ensure that its functionality, design and content are optimal. Tests can be automated or can be performed manually but in both cases, this process is done to ensure that the user experience is as good as it can be and to ensure that users have access to every section/feature of the application.

Why should you perform mobile application testing?

It’s a well-known fact in the industry, testing is as important as development. You may develop the best product there is on the market, if it’s filled with bugs, users will complain and this will hurt the project’s reputation. Testing should always be performed, independently of the platform.

But what makes mobile applications testing even more important is the massive amount of devices there is on the market, combined with the equivalently big variety of OS (operating systems) that goes with it. Since thousands of device/OS combinations exist, all having different behaviors and different resolutions, it becomes extremely important to test an application on as many devices are possible. The reason for this is that while a bug may occur on your good old Samsung Galaxy S2, for example, it may not occur on an iPhone 5c. Many devices’ configurations means many different behaviors. Therefore, testing needs to be performed on as many combinations as possible.

Furthermore, mobile application testing is an art that takes years to master. There are a lot of sensitive areas in a mobile application that need to be thoroughly tested. For example, independently of the nature of the application, interrupts can occur on the phone. In fact, they will inevitably occur at some point. What happens with your application when the user receives a call while using it? What happens when he receives a text message? What happens when an alarm from his calendar starts? All of these scenarios need to be looked at, once again, to provide the best user experience to your targeted audience.

It would be a commercial suicide to try to release a mobile application without properly testing it. In this era of social medias, users are kings. If they don’t like your application because it contains too many bugs, you can pretty much be guaranteed that your application’s popularity will suffer from it.

How can we help?

Our team is composed of experienced testers, most of them coming from the mobile gaming industry. They’ve tested mobile applications inside-out for years, for companies that invest big money into QA processes. They know the most frequent issues found on mobile products and they know how to find them. Furthermore, due to the nature of our work, we have a wide variety of device/OS combination to ensure adequate coverage. We have established procedures and adequate documentation to provide any type of mobile applications testing you may need. Just give us a call and we’ll discuss what the best strategy to use for your project is!