On-demand testing services

What is on-demand testing?

The term “on-demand testing” speaks for itself. It consists of tests requested and performed under tight time constraints, in the objective of getting good results as fast as possible.

Why is on-demand testing useful?

Multiple situations can call for on-demand testing. Such requests are often made by teams close to releasing a product and needing additional resources for their QA team. Others don’t necessarily have an internal QA team, but wisely judge best to run tests before publishing their product. Others receive users’ complaints on a released product and want to show they are reactive to their customers’ feedback. There are many good reasons to need on-demand testing, and this form of QA is becoming more and more popular each year.

On-demand testing can save a lot of money for a company willing to go that way. While it may represent a risk at some extent, since the QA process is outsourced, it also offers a good way to get things done fast. Sometimes, when the launch date for your product approaches, you need more testers but only for a short period of time. Instead of hiring new employees for such a small stretch, on-demand testing can be the solution. When crunch time comes, nothing beats the affordable additional resources to help your internal team breathe a little.

Finally, as weird as it may sound, on-demand testing allows external testers to have a look at your products. While your QA team may be the best of the industry, every tester suffers from tunnel vision at some point. If the testers have tested the same product for month, their eyes got used to the product and they become experts on it. They no longer represent what the average user is. By requesting the help of an external test team, you may prevent obvious bugs or usability issues to slip by and to compromise your end users’ experience.

How can we help?

Our name is qa on request. We chose that name because our objective is to be your on-demand testing partner when you need it. We chose the best, and only the best testers, to be able to accept any last minute request and to be able to quickly adjust to every situation. Rather than being scared of chaos, we embrace it. Since most of our team has between 5 and 10 years of experience in QA, they’ve seen hundreds of different projects and they understand the reality of the industry.

They learn fast and more importantly, they get the job done. Whether it is for a small project or for a long term project made in sprints, our team can help when you need them. We only charge you for worked hours. If you planned with us a day of testing for a specific date and if for whatever reason, you can’t send us a version to test that day, you will not have to pay anything. We want to create a partnership with you, and good partners don’t bill for nothing. Just give us a call and we’ll be pleased to discuss your on-demand testing needs with you!