On-site assistance & staff training

What is on-site assistance?

On-site assistance consists of any additional resource sent in your office by an external partner to help the internal team with their QA needs. Sometimes referred to as “Commandos”, these experts are sent to help a team during crunch time, during sensitive periods during the development process or simply to help with training and procedures.

Why would you need on-site assistance?

When discussing with our clients, we always try to be honest with them: nothing beats an internal QA team. Internal testers develop knowledge of your internal projects over time, which makes them the best candidates to test them.

However, as development is cyclic, not every company can afford to pay testers during the lower workload periods of development and maintaining a QA department can prove to be extremely costly. This is where on-site assistance comes into play. Hiring an external testing specialist can be very useful for many reasons.

The first reason that comes to mind is the extra arms. When there are not enough testers on the floor to get the work done in time and when overtime hours add up way too fast for your accountant to follow, you may need someone to add to your work force. Of course, you could ask to a colleague of another department to help your QA team, but the quality level will not be as good as with someone who does this for a living.

The second reason is that while most QA teams are excellent at testing products, they may not be equally talented when it comes to create test documentation and test procedures. Hiring someone who has good experience in testing and who specializes in creating such documentation may be your best shot at releasing your project on time.

Finally, even if your team is very competent at testing and at creating tests documents; one can never stop to improve. A good way to make your team grow and become better at what they do is to hire experts to train them on various subjects. Whether it is exploratory testing, accessibility testing or tests planning, training is always a good way to learn and to improve.

How can we help?

Our team is composed of experienced and dedicated QA experts that are not only extremely competent, but also very easy to get along with. They excel at being parachuted on an ongoing project and they are used to deal with high amounts of pressure. They understand the reality of crunch time and they will do anything needed to ensure the highest quality standards are respected. With all the experience they have, they are also very good at sharing their expertise in trainings and workshops. Just give us a call, our team is looking forward to get to know yours!