Smart TV application testing services

What is Smart TV application testing?

Smart TV application testing consists of making sure that no functional, visual, textual, and usability issues remain in a given application. A team of testers go through every section and feature of the application to make sure that the product works as expected.

Why should you perform Smart TV application testing?

Smart TVs entered our homes relatively recently and it still represents a good challenge to develop applications on them. While many apps exist, the good quality ones are hard to find. This is why testing these applications is so important. Having a bug free application might just be the one aspect that propels your application to the top of the charts.

Since developers are still learning to master this new platform, the chances of finding issues on Smart TV applications are considerably high. It therefore becomes vital to verify every function of such apps. Furthermore, multiple experts confirm that the tendency to buy Smart TVs will only increase with time, to a point where they should be the main type of TV in American houses in a near future. Considering this, it is better to hop on that train now than to wait for every competitor to join the dance.

Another thing to consider is that every Smart TV model is different. While nothing forces an application to run properly on all models, if a company develops it to run on various models, the user experience must be consistent on all of them. In the end, this involves more testing, as the possibilities of finding new issues become exponential when adding multiple TV models in the mix.

How can we help?

Buying a single TV is already expensive, so imagine buying multiple TVs. This is where we come into play. We try to buy new models of Smart TVs every now and then to expand our testing possibilities and to offer a good variety of models. No need to invest in buying dozens of TVs to test your Smart TV application, we’re there for you.

Furthermore, our team has worked on many Smart TV projects over the last few months and we’ve built a solid experience on this platform. We’ve come to learn the high risk areas and the most common problems with Smart TV applications. We know where to start digging! Give us a call to plan your testing needs, we’ll be more than happy to share our knowledge with you!