Usability testing services

What is usability testing?

Usability testing consists of sending a version of a given product to the end users, in order to collect feedback about “real-life” usage of the product. Generally speaking, the users will have to perform specific actions and will then be asked about their perception of the product. Results from all users who participated are then analyzed to spot areas and actions that were confusing or too difficult for a majority of users. Sometimes, usability testing will also be used to gather feedback and comments on visual aspects of a project, such as design or layout. That way, the aesthetics of a project can be adjusted along the development to ensure an optimal user experience once the release date comes.

Why should you perform usability testing?

One can never be too careful about customer satisfaction. While good services imply to react properly to customers feedback and comments after a product hit the market, excellent service can be reached by integrating real users into the development process. Not only does it give your users the impression that they have a say in what the final product will look and feel like, but it also gives your team invaluable insights on how to make your project even more popular within your targeted audience.

Furthermore, most of us came to learn that theory and practice are two very different things. While in theory, a function or a feature of a product can be extremely useful and crystal clear for average users, it can be the exact opposite in practice. This is where usability testing comes into play. By asking real users for feedback on their experience, you’re making sure practice meets theory. You’re making sure the user experience is optimal.

Performing multiple rounds of usability testing also allows analyzing the improvements over the different versions provided to the users. For example, if 90% of the users reported that the filter function was confusing on build ABC but only 20% reported the same issue on build XYZ, you can clearly identify build XYZ as the best release candidate.

Finally, usability testing is also extremely useful in the video gaming industry. Also known as play tests, this type of testing aims at identifying if a level is too difficult or too easy, for example. Level specific questions can also be asked, such as “Were enough health packs provided in this level?” or “Did you understand this new tool’s function?”. Anything that can help the development team make the game more fun for end-users can be asked.

In the end, usability testing is a powerful tool to make sure you get the market share you deserve while also making sure to keep your users happy.

How can we help?

Over the years, we built a crowdsourcing platform that proved to be extremely appreciated by our partners. With over 30 000 testers from all over the globe, supervised by our qualified internal lead testers, our platform can provide solid results within 48 to 72 hours. It’s now been three years since our first step in the crowdsourcing world and we learned a lot from this experience. We continuously work on improving our platform and our procedures based on the feedback we receive from our various partners.

Once we receive a usability test request, we send it to users who fit your needs. We can target users based on their gender, their nationality, their age, their country, their spoken languages, etc… Whatever you need, we can make it work. As for the questions the users will have to answer to, you can either provide them if you already have something in mind, or we can help you design good and neutral questions, in order to get optimal results. We’ve being doing this for quite a while now so we feel confident in designing usability steps that generate unbiased results. Why don’t you just give us a call, we’ll see what’s the best strategy to use for your product!

For more information about our crowdsourcing platform, visit Crowdsourced Testing .