Windows Phone application testing services

What is Windows Phone application testing?

Windows Phone application testing consists of making sure that no functional issues, visual issues, usability issues, etc… remain in a given application. A team of testers go through every section of the application and test every feature of the application in order to identify the potential problems in it. While some automated tools exist to perform such tests, most of these are performed manually.

Why is Windows Phone application testing important?

Considering that this is a relatively new platform and that developers are still experimenting with it, the Windows Phone applications become a very precarious thing to work on. To ensure good quality and to make sure the user reviews match your expectations, adequate testing should be performed.

While the fragmentation (OS, screen resolution and device combinations) is less problematic than on Android for example, it still represents a challenge that needs to be taken into consideration. So on top of testing this new platform and learning how to efficiently spot issues on it, testers also need to run their tests on as many different devices as possible, in order to cover any potential problematic combination.

Another point to think of is that the environment of Windows Phones is considerably different from iOS and Android. Of course, if you want to port your Android application to an iOS application, you may need to do some minor layout changes. However, it is a lot simpler to do it from Android to iOS (or vice versa) than to port it on a Windows Phone, since it represents a lot more work due to the many differences of the environment. The same logic applies for testing: if there is more work involved in porting an Android or an iOS application to a Windows Phone, it also means there are more chances to find issues during the process. That is where Windows Phone application testing comes into play.

How can we help?

Buying devices is expensive. We know, we buy a few every month. We’re slowly but surely building our Windows Phones library in order to have multiple devices to test on when a Windows Phone application test request comes in. No need to spend thousands of dollars to acquire every new device hitting the market, we do it for you!

Our team of experienced testers also invested time to get used to this new platform and now feels confident on it. They are eager to continue testing on these devices and to share their knowledge with you. Give us a call and we’ll decide together what the best approach to use for your project is.